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Blair Chamber of Commerce: Family Talents Spur Business Success

Recently Black’s Home Sales, Inc. president, Dale Wronski, received a call from his favorite local journalist and Blair County Chamber of Commerce president/CFO, Joe Hurd. Mr. Hurd asked for an interview for the chamber since they were starting a segment featuring family-owned, local businesses. The resulting article is included here. The interview was quite a […]


Modular Home Construction Codes Update

If you are in the market for a new home, you may have heard that the state-wide building codes for Pennsylvania were in the process of being updated. This set of codes applies to all residential construction that is not HUD-code (single-wides or sectionals). It applies to site-built and pre-fabricated homes as well as modular. […]


Double Your Fun: What’s In a Double Wide Home?

The phrase “Double Wide” literally means that two halves of a home will be put together into one wider structure. These halves typically consist of two fourteen foot sections to create a twenty-eight foot wide home – although two sixteen foot sections are occasionally combined into a thirty-two foot wide. Often called sectional homes, double wides (like single wides) are built to the HUD Code, have a permanent metal frame and do not require a foundation (crawlspace or basement) when being installed.


Manufactured Home Resale Value

While resale value for modular homes can appreciate, the same is not true with many manufactured homes. Whether your manufactured home will appreciate or depreciate in value over time is really up in the air, and the answer isn’t as clear-cut as you may like.


Manufactured Home Delivery and Assembly

The delivery of your manufactured home to your location is generally included in the pricing of your home initially unless you are choosing a location 100 miles or more from the factory location.


What Goes Into Buying a Manufactured Home?

The manufactured home planning process is vastly different from the installation of a modular home. Your general contractor and manufactured home seller will be there to walk you through the process so you can move into your home as quickly as possible.


What steps are there in building a modular home?

Unlike site-built homes, modular homes are built in a factory setting, shipped in pieces to a location, and assembled on a foundation. This process decreases construction time, provides a weather-controlled environment for the materials and building, and allows you to customize your home.


What is a Modular Home?

Because modular homes are a prefabricated home, some people believe they are of a lesser quality of stick built homes. Instead, modular homes are governed by the same building codes as site-built homes and are actually inspected more often.

A modular home is a perfect option for any home buyer looking to build a new home. Not only are there fewer delays, they usually cost less than a site-built home and are of equal, or, arguably, better quality.