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Custom Home Design Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

December 18, 2020 Buying Tips and Info, Modular Homes

In today’s world of subdivisions and mass production, new home construction lacks a lot of the custom features most home buyers crave. Home design comes off as cookie-cutter, and plug and play. New homes are built one after another and look surprisingly similar inside and out.

As true brick and mortar homes have shifted to this design style, many have assumed that modular homes lack custom designs, and will fall into a cookie-cutter style as well. However, these are common misconceptions around modular builds and how they differ from true custom designs.

Too many consumers assume that custom homes are too expensive which leads to an unoriginal design. Consumers also believe that modular homes are always rectangular and plain, meaning if you want a custom home design, an expensive true home is your only option. However, neither could be further from the truth.
Modular homes are not always rectangular and plain

A few minutes of research on the internet will turn up hundreds of plans and pictures that clearly show modern modular construction has come a long way over the last thirty years.

New home construction offers a variety of styles including the styles below and virtually any other style imaginable.

Ranch style homes are short in stature, with one story, and a low, flat roof. They typically are formed in an “L” shape or rectangle.

Chalet homes feature large windows and glass-filled walls. These homes are perfect for living in seclusion.

Cabins with a modular design can be customized in any way, or shape needed. Modular log cabins are also built stronger than traditional log homes due to the additional stresses placed on the logs used.

Cape Cod homes have a sloped roof to feature attics or additional loft areas above. This is a classic New England Style home.

Colonial homes feature long porches that may wrap around the entire house. They are also usually two-stories and relatively large.

Other styles of homes include single, double, and triple-wide’s, multifamily, green homes, and more.

Custom home building does not have to be expensive

Modular construction is the perfect way to provide a truly custom home at an unbeatable value. On average, modular homes will cost 10-20% less than stick-built construction. Today’s modular home design capability means you can get the details you want to make your home a reflection of you. It is precisely this ability to produce a custom home to an exact specification, at a value that cannot be beat that makes modular homes a favorite of leading-edge architects.

Architects prefer modular homes

Today’s modern architects enjoy the design flexibility, as well as the quality, control, and style that modular construction can provide to their residential customers. Architects embraced modular construction for commercial project years ago, and have only grown in their relationship.

With educated customers and a new understanding of modular construction capabilities, architects are now exploiting the quality and speed of delivery provided with modular construction for the custom home customers.

How to plan your Custom Home Design

A custom home can come in the form of simply personalizing a standard plan or designing your own home at your dining room table.