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Conventional Construction

Modular Construction

Commercial modular construction offers the design flexibility, reliability, and permanence of conventional construction techniques, with the benefits of lower project costs and faster construction times.

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Modular Building Technology

Commercial modular buildings are non-residential structures for which 60% to 90% of the construction takes place in a factory with only the final finishing taking place at the building site. The word “modular” describes a construction method where individual modules are assembled to make up larger structures. Permanent modular buildings can be utilized in any building application where conventional, “stick-built” construction is used — for offices, restaurants, medical clinics, apartments, schools, banks, hospitals, daycare centers, correctional facilities and others – and offer fast delivery, cost savings, compliance with the same codes and standards as conventional structures.


Because modular units can be constructed off-site at the same time that earthwork, foundation, and utility construction is taking place at the final building site, modular projects can often achieve up to a 40% reduction in construction time compared to conventional construction. Shorter construction schedules minimize costly on-site labor, minimize effects of rain, cold, and other weather conditions, and ultimately lead to significantly reduced construction cost.

Shorter schedules, volume pricing on building materials, and the many efficiencies of factory production often produce up to a 60% savings in construction cost over conventional buildings. In addition, the controlled conditions of a factory environment allow for a level of quality control not possible in a stick-built construction project.


Black’s Home Sales and P & M Design combines 50 years in the modular industry and architectural design experience. This unique combination of skills and experience adds value to every project and allows us to offer comprehensive, single source responsibility from initial design through final completion of construction. We take an innovative multidisciplinary approach to every project, ensuring that our clients receive the most appropriate building solution and get the best value for their investment.

Modular Architecture and Engineering

Unlimited potential for new building designs, from the purely functional to artistically inspired, exists with modular construction. Modern, single and multi-story buildings with wood or steel & concrete structural elements are designed to comply with the same building codes applicable to conventionally built projects. Hybrid modular-conventional construction allows use of any exterior finish material, from bricks to metal and composite panels. Plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and information technology systems are fully designed to optimize the efficiency of modular construction and provide the reliability and dependability one expects from fully engineered building systems. Our in-house team of licensed architects and engineers allows us to eliminate the gap between design and construction, simplifly the building process, and minimize costly changes and delays.

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