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What’s makes a great exterior for your new home?

August 30, 2019 Modular Homes

We often have customers that are looking for that added “Wow Factor” on the exterior of their forever home. With our in-house architect, we can help them choose the custom exterior they desire.
Here is an actual example of some options that our in-house architect came up for a recent customer looking at a two-story modular and the reasoning behind them.


Adding a covered porch to a two-story takes a flat exterior (see Image 1) and adds a layer of dimension to it.

Here are a few tips when designing a porch.

  1. First you want to keep a simple porch layout that will create balance with the existing roof. Therefore, we chose a small 5/12 pitch dormer with standard posts and railing.
  2. The second design element that you want to consider is the width of the porch. A four-foot porch is almost purely decorative. It would hold a few planters and serve as a walk way, but you need at a least a six-foot porch to support a sitting area. What we are suggesting here is an eight-foot porch. An eight-foot porch is a traditional width for a farmhouse covered porch, complete with porch swings and rocking chairs. If a porch gets too much wider than eight feet, it will require a different roof pitch that may no longer complement the home itself.

This option takes the exterior and gives it a more Victorian look with a steeper 12/12 pitch dormer to offset the 5/12 dormer on the porch. Centering the dormer adds to the symmetry for a more classical look. The additional material (either brick or stone) in the center column of the home also adds dimension and texture to this exterior.


However, if a customer was looking to hold true to that traditional farmhouse feel, they would be more likely to choose option 2. This home also has symmetry with the double dormers on both sides of the home but the result is more cozy with a “down home” feel. These dormers also draw the eye to the large windows which appeals to those who want to bring the outdoors in and have lots of natural light.

At Black’s Home Sales our in-house architect, we can quickly modify a factory model into other options for maximum curb appeal for your new home.