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Subdivisions: Can I build my Modular Home or Manufactured Home On My Pap’s Farm?

My grandfather is going to let me put my new home on his farm. I have the cash and I would like your lot model. Great you can buy it today…Well not exactly.

image002Most townships will not let you place two houses on one deed, particularly if the two houses are not owned by the same person. You will need to subdivide the property per the township in order to place a modular home or manufactured home there. This can be a long drawn out procedure.  You will need an engineer to survey the property, a lawyer to adjust the dead and the township blessing. Also, beware that most township will only allow you to subdivide so many times. So read the subdivision regulations before you start. More than likely there will be lot size requirements and road frontage requirement. Ok, how do I start…contact your township supervisor?

If you are financing the new home with a bank they more than likely will require that you have a clean dead separate from your grandfather’s property. We will be glad to share our experiences with you on navigating thru this process. We can help make sure that the new lot with setbacks, driveway and easement requirements will accommodate the house you would like. We can also help you think thru future cost of roads and services to the new home. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out this form.

Attribution: Charlie Kennedy
Attribution: Charlie Kennedy