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Luxury Modular Homes DO Exist

When you think of a modular home, you probably don’t think of the word luxury. But the truth is that modular homes can be as luxurious as you want. This is because your new modular home is customizable from top to bottom.

In general, modular homes provide their owners with security and assurance throughout the building process. Since a modular home is pre-fabricated and delivered to the build site, there are less chances of delays and construction problems. Because of this, you already know the complete and final costs and an estimated date of completion when you start the project.  Below are some luxury examples we have on our lots.

Luxury Modular Home Builders Within Your Budget

While many people looking to build a new home are skeptical of modular homes and relate them to low-end quality, this is truly an unfounded statement. The truth of the matter is that prestigious architects are designing large modular homes for exclusive living areas like the Hamptons. Germany’s Huf Haus has a factory-built home that exudes extravagance and sells for up to $10 million.

But you don’t need to move to the Hamptons or shell out millions of dollars for a luxury modular home here in Pennsylvania. Visit our Duncansville location to check our New Image Renaissance modular homes including this New Image R120B on display.

This 4 bedroom and 3 bath modular home will meet your definition of luxury.  The master bedroom features a ceramic edge and backsplash in the master bath with Toscana Vista flooring. The open concept of the kitchen will provide you ample space to entertain and view your guests or children while they watch television in the living room.  When you tour the home, remember that you can always order a similar home with upgraded features or customize it to suit your tastes and budget.

The Pennwest Nextflex Ranch at our Lewistown location is another example of a home with luxury features ready to be moved to your location.

Pennwest Nextflex Ranch

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch home includes a fireplace and features ceiling crown moldings.  The kitchen has pull out shelves in the base cabinets and hand laid stone behind the range area. With an easy access attic stairwell with door, this home offers excellent storage possibilities.

Premium Materials Used in Luxury Modular Homes

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When you start choosing your dream home, you can rest assured that your home will be manufactured with strong, premium materials. Think about it this way, if your house is strong enough to survive the miles of driving from our lot to your site, it is surely well-built enough to withstand the years it will be standing on your property.

If you are going with the luxury look and feel, you aren’t going to want to worry about shoddy and cheap material. To ensure that luxury look, developers use all kinds of premium materials such as solid-surface counter tops, premium floor coverings, and solid wood cabinets.

The New Image Renaissance R712 home is a great example of the use of luxury materials. This model’s kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and includes a brick pattern backsplash. This home is available for viewing at our Osceola Mills location.


Customize Your Luxury Modular Home

Maybe your perfect home is not already built and ready for delivery.  No problem. Nowadays, modular homes can be ordered and customized to your preferences.

Want an open floor plan? You got it!

Want the best appliances? Sure, no problem!

Fireplace? Why not.

It doesn’t matter your taste. When you order and customize your modern home to your luxury taste, you can go with a contemporary feel, something a little more traditional or in a completely different direction. The choice is up to you.

At our Duncansville location, we have a registered architect available to work with you in designing a completely customized modular home to be as luxurious as you want.

Are You Ready for Luxury?

Here at Blacks Home Sales, we are ready to help you take the next step in building your dream home. If you call us at 1-800-773-2835 or contact us here online, our team will help you in building your new luxury modular home.