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We thought we’d take some time to highlight some of the more popular options in our Colony line of homes.  You have more choices available than ever before, and hopefully this article will help you with a few of them.  Today we will be talking about:  Recessed Lighting, Hickory Cabinets, Kitchen Islands, Ceramic Tile, and Dormers.

Recessed Lighting

Accent, Ambient and Task Lighting are the 3 main types of lighting.  Recessed lighting, also known as “can” lights, has been used for each.  Colony offers recessed “eyeball” lights for accent lighting.  Recessed_Eye_Can_LightThese types of lights allow the bulb to “float” in the housing and give the user the ability to position the bulb to reach a desired area. Some applications they would be best for are fireplaces, picture walls, and areas that are designed as a focal point.  Ambient lighting is general lighting for areas such as kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms.  Colony also offers a recessed moisture resistant light that is used in areas like bathrooms, showers, and eaves.  Task Lighting is ideal over kitchen islands, reading areas, bathroom make-up areas, desks, and home office spaces.

Hickory Cabinets

Corner_Appliance_Garage_closedHickory raised panel cabinets are known for their beautiful and distinctive wood grain. Each cabinet, door, drawer and island is unique. With their lighter color, they will brighten any room.  The cabinets have ¾” thick adjustable shelving with finished edges that prevents warping.  Pocket screws are used to ensure a strong and square frame, adjustable hinges are concealed and recessed to ensure superior door strength.  Evermore Custom Cabinetry is built exclusively for Colony and is KCMA Certified. The doors, drawers, and even the finish endure a series of rigorous tests that measure structural integrity.  Overhead cabinets are rated to 500 pound capacity.

Kitchen IslandsCommodore PA 2015

Colony has a variety of styles of kitchen islands to choose from. Sizes range from 26”x40” to 41”x103”.  They also offer a multi-tiered island with various styles and sizes.  The Islands offer additional prep and storage areas.  Many of the islands offer additional seating on the back side.  They have the right size island for the kitchen of your dreams!

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile backsplashes in the kitchen, baths, and utility room are another favorite option for our customers, and there are many styles and colors to choose from.  Full_Ceramic_Backsplash_Range_onlyThe benefits of ceramic tile are: it is easy to clean and maintain, it is moisture resistant, easily replaced, environmentally friendly, long lasting, and it increases the value of your kitchen. Some of the pattern choices include: single row, 6” tile, and Colorwave glass tile. Full Backsplashes are available in 6”, 4” x 8”, mosaic, and a ribbon insert.


Colony builds a wide variety of stylish and attractive dormers.  Dormers gives the home a “customized” look.  Commercial ImagesThe Eyebrow, Twin Peak, Fold Down, and Bump Out are the more popular styles.  When the Roof Pitch is increased to a 9/12 or 12/12, one or more 6’ dormers with window can be added for the Cape Cod look.  Various styles of vinyl siding and shakes can be added to create a unique and distinctive customized look for the dormers.

Colony has a complete catalog of quality options for you to choose from to assist you in the design of your dream home.  Please reach out to us here to request one.  You can see over 15 Colony homes on display at our Lewistown and Osceola Mills locations.  Whatever you need or desire, Black’s Home Sales and Colony Homes are able to make your housing dreams come true!


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