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Can I install radiant floor heat in my new manufactured or modular house?

The answer to this question varies with the type of home you are buying. First, let’s discuss manufactured homes. These homes come with a factory installed heating system. This system is a forced air system with an oil, gas or electric furnace option. By Federal law, these systems cannot be removed or modified. You will […]


Cabinet Options for Manufactured Homes: Should you upgrade?

What Can You Tell Me About Cabinets? First, let me go over the standard cabinet options in manufactured homes. This will be a little tricky given each manufacturer offers different series of homes, and each series often offers different cabinet types. However, there are several basic types of cabinets available. A wrapped cabinet door. These […]


Difference between Manufactured Home and Modular Homes

This is one of the first and most important things you will need to understand when purchasing a new factory built home. Our industry has changed throughout the years and currently there are two different products being produced in factories. The first is a manufactured home, also referred to as a sectional home, or a […]